Best Ways To Wear A Tunic Dress

woman wearing a tunic dress

A tunic dress is a long, loose garment designed to fall below your hips. They often sit around the length of a mini dress and are a favourite for many woman because they are flattering and versatile. A tunic dress can be worn in a number of different ways and suit many different body types. So what are the best ways to wear a tunic dress? Here are a few tips:

Create a lean look

A tunic dress is a great way to create a very long and lean look because they are much longer than normal shorts, but also shorter than many dresses. A tunic dress will elongate your torso whilst making your legs appear long as well. On most women, a tunic dress will usually finish at around mid-thigh rather than at mid-hip like a normal shirt would. For a lean look, pair your loose, flowy tunic dress with some tights or skinny jeans, this will give you a very proportional look and will make your legs appear thin and long.

When trying to create a lean look make sure you choose a tunic dress that really complements your figure. It’s important to consider your choice of fabric, patterns and the neckline of your garment. Try and go for a hemline that finishes around your mid-thigh as this will allow you to show off a bit of your legs.

A great tip is to pair your outfit with a pair of boots, hells or ballet flats. A scarf, long necklace or short jacket is also a great way to emphasise your long and lean look.

Wear it by itself

Its very chic to wear your tunic dress just by itself like a shift, especially if it’s a bit longer and reaches below your mid-thigh. If you’re not a hundred percent comfortable then maybe opt for a pair of opaque tights, some sheer nylons or a fun patterned design. Complete the outfit with a pair of boots or heels. You might also consider accessorising with a necklace, bangles or a nice belt.

Pair shorts or a skirt with your outfit

If the weather is a bit warmer you might want to consider pairing your comfy shift with some shorts or a skirt. If you’re planning to do this than go for lightweight materials and go for strappy sandals or heels for a summer look. You should also make sure that the shorts you choose are easily seen under the hemline of your tunic dress.

Take it on vacation

There’s nothing more ideal for a tropical holiday than a long, loose outfit in comfortable, light materials like cotton and linen. It’s perfect for a holiday because it’s so versatile, wear it out for dinner, to the beach or when you’re out sightseeing and stay cool. They’re quick and easy to throw on over bathers, shorts and look great with comfortable shoes and simple jewellery.

Great for casual days out

Young woman flexing her elongated sweatshirt tunic dress.

The great thing about loose fitting clothes is that they’re perfect for casual days out and about. From shopping, brunch or grabbing a beer they’re the perfect choice for day time activities.

Wear it to work

They are so versatile they can be easily dressed up with the right bottoms and accessories. Pair them with tailored jackets and pants for a more dressed up look. Add heels and other accessories for an understated yet very professional look.

Take it to dinner

The right fabric and cut can take this fairly casual outfit up a notch. Dress it up with the right pair of heels and jewellery and go out to dinner.