Crazy Australian Laws Part II

We are sure our previous article peaked your interest when it comes to crazy laws in Australia, and we have stepped things up. We actually found a ton of crazy laws, but we are only putting forward 10 in total. We have covered five already, and we ourselves can’t contain the excitement. Without further ado, here is our finale for the crazy law series.

1. Enlightening

How many people does it take to change a light bulb in Australia? Well, only one but that one person needs to be a certified electrician. Talk about buzz kill, but we are all in for letting the authorities take care of the hard issues in life but seriously why does this law even exist?

2. The Dark Arts

Dark arts

So you’re a certified tarot card reader who is looking to make a quick buck; sorry to crash your party but Australia is not the place for you. There is a law that says that tarot card reading is against the law as it is apparently a form of witchcraft. For a nation that is considerably more advanced than many developing nations, such a notion is archaic.

3. Who are you?

If you ever wanted to stake out someone or sneak around somewhere or even pull a prank on someone by wearing a disguise? Then make sure to have a license stating that you are allowed to have a disguise; because in Australia it is against the law to own a disguise without a license. So in theory, you can’t run around dressed up as a clown like your American counterparts but let’s be honest are you really missing out on much?

4. What the pee?

Say you really need to pee and you end up at a bunk to find all the urinals are in use. Then you can pee on the rear left tyre of your truck in such a circumstance. We have so many questions as to why a law even exists in the first place. We are wondering who put forth this law and whether people debated on which tyre to pee on? We are in absolutely fits at the possibility of a minister or a head of state signing off on this law.

5. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na. NO

It is against the law to dress up as the much loved Batman and Joker duo for any occasion. Clearly, Australia is team Superman.