Crazy Australian Laws Part I

Australia is a country that needs to be experienced to be understood. And that is the mantra for things that are quintessentially Australian. Australia has some of the weirdest laws, and we have found you some of the craziest laws you will ever find. We have split our finds into two articles. Read both parts to have a joy ride like no other, at least when it comes to the Australian legal system.

1. 50kg of what?

We get it, being in 50 kilos of cocaine is definitely against the law, but Australia has stepped things up when it comes to weird laws. In Western Australia, an individual is breaking the law if he or she possesses 50 kilos and more of potatoes. I mean we totally understand that one person should not have the right to eat that much mash or fries.

2. Fashion Police

The fashion police in other countries are usually a part of the media unless we are talking about a totalitarian government. But Australia’s fashion police is the police itself. Believe it or not but you cannot wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday. We are totally in favour of this law because the hot pink hot pants are a crime against fashion but actually having a law against them is taking things too far.

3. Stop horsing around

Bars and pubs are required to take care of the horses of their customers. So in essence, a pub will be in hot water if they don’t have a service that takes care of horses while the customers indulge inside. I cannot begin to imagine the scenes at a posh bar when a customer arrives in a horse. If you have come across such instances; do let us know.

4. Bad Taste in Music


There is an actual law that makes it illegal to listen to a profane song in the presence of others. While researching, we had actually hoped that the law was more specific to all bad songs; we were particularly thinking of JB, but I suppose we’ll have to keep dreaming.

5. Wait, What?

There is a law that is paradoxical in nature; it basically states that being drunk in a pub is against the law. I mean where else would you be drunk? On the roads? We are as confused as you when it comes to this law in particular.

That’s a wrap; hope you have enjoyed this article and we hope that we tickled some of your funny bones. Check out our other article as well.