The Key Role Child Custody Lawyers Play For Their Constituents

child custody

When parents decide that divorce is the only suitable solution following the breakdown of a relationship, it is always the children that end up suffering the most.

The stress and tension that can ensue can irreparably damage every member of the family as fathers and mothers battle for control of sons and daughters.

This is where child custody Unified Lawyers are brought into the equation, offering their clients a clear pathway forward and dealing with the complexities of the case.

Here we will take stock of the role solicitors play in this setting, giving parents a chance to assess their value.


Strong Advocate During Hearings

Child custody Unified Lawyers are at their best when they are placed within a child custody hearing, a domain that attempts to reach a joint custody arrangement if the conditions are suitable. Whilst the client can make their appeal off their own accord, the role of the solicitor is to strongly advocate for their position by highlighting their quality characteristics, positive track record and placing any misdemeanours in their appropriate context.


Negotiating in Good Faith With Opposing Counsel

There will be times when a child custody lawyers enters discussions with the opposing counsel in good faith only to realize that this approach is not reciprocated on the other end. Should the other spouse take a confrontational stance where mediation and negotiation cannot proceed, then additional measures have to be taken. First and foremost their role is to be good faith actors, offering suitable concessions and finding common ground in order to reach a suitable outcome. If that is an objective that becomes unobtainable given their conduct, then the stakes should be raised.


Removing Emotion and Dealing in Facts

The role of child custody lawyers is to be the professional arbiters of the case where raw emotion is not factored into the process. With matters of joint custody arrangements and hearings with a judge, there is always the possibility of a spouse lashing out or making a move based on anger or anxiety, two components that never help the situation. In this instance the lawyer will work with key evidence including testimony and documentation to make the argument.


Managing Complexities of The Case

Complications will likely occur when child custody lawyers enter the equation. From the moment of the initial consultation to the end of the proceeding, much of the landscape can shift over that timeframe. From a spouse moving to a different state or country, a new job status, the sale of a house, the change of a school, the birth of a new child or a new marriage – there is a myriad of potential challenges that alters the position of the client. The role that these specialists play is to have contingency plans at the ready and lean on their skills and experience to source tangible solutions.


Keeping Child’s Interests As Priority Number One

There are severe instances whereby child custody lawyers have to institute extreme measures for the sake of their client’s next of kin. From issuing restraining orders given examples or threats of domestic abuse to placing the parent and child into protective custody, the safety and wellbeing of the son or daughter comes first. As either spouse enters into legal conflict over the span of a case, there is the danger of placing those needs above their son or daughter. Haggling over household assets and income can consume ex husbands and wives who are more interested in their own status. The role for these solicitors is to place those concerns to the periphery and focus on what truly matters.