What An Attorney Can Do For Their Client Following an Arrest

Facing an arrest will be one of the most harrowing experiences an individual can be subjected to. This is a time fraught with anxiety, stress, anger and bewilderment and it is here than a qualified attorney should be sought.


Given their background, expertise and experience during this process, it will be their council that a client requires to decide a course of action that will benefit all parties.


The lawyer will have a series of options at their disposal as their client is taken through the booking procedure. After careful deliberation, they will have the power to undertake any of the following actions that work in the benefit of their client.

Issue a Bail Bond


A bail bond can be filed from an attorney on behalf of their client following an arrest. This allows the individual to be removed from jail or a holding cell in the short-term, but acts as insurance for law enforcement to ensure that the charged party will have to return to face the charges. The amount of bond will be determined in accordance with the nature of the offense, with general misdemeanors only requiring a small amount up to criminal charges that could be substantial (if issued at all).

Source a Criminal Defense Specialist


If there is a criminal matter at play where a client is placed in a scenario that is criminal in nature, than a specialist attorney might need to be found. Those professionals in the legal field will have networks and connections that are easier to find than what could be discovered by a citizen who has the stress of facing charges. Usually a lawyer will want to lead the defense off their own accord, but they can reach out to a peer in a time of need.

Arrange a Court Date


An arrangement hearing will be necessary if you are charged with a crime, and this is an important notification that your attorney will need to communicate to you as the client. From this point forward, a schedule and plan will need to be formulated to determine a course of action that includes consultations and meetings in between.

Decision To Contest or Accept Charges


Whether to head to trial or not is a serious decision that an attorney will consult their client on. This will be dependent on the evidence held by the prosecution of the nature of the charges, as it might pertain to a plea bargain deal where the charges are dropped or downgraded.