What to look in order to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney

best criminal lawyer in sydney


For those living in New South Wales who are facing a charge for committing criminal activity, they will need to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney. Such charges may be for breaking and entering, assault, theft, or something else entirely. Whatever the charges may be, it is absolutely vital that the accused receive the best representation possible. This is so important not only because everyone deserves a fair trial but because nobody wants to receive an unnecessarily harsh sentence. Such sentences can include hefty fines, a charge left on somebody’s record, a large number of hours of community service, or jail time. All of these sentences can affect the mental health of the accused as well as the people around them. It can negatively impact someone’s ability to work which can cause further financial issues for them and their family. To best avoid the worst-case scenarios, it is wise to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney possible. The best criminal lawyer in Sydney will be able to offer advice, act as representation if need be, and help obtain any documentation that may be needed for the case. Furthermore, they will be a helpful legal shoulder to lean on during what can be an extremely stressful time. As it is so crucial to find an amazing legal representation, this article will explore what to look in order to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney.


Find somebody with years of experience in the field

A great thing to look for in order to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney is experience. The greatest representatives will usually have decades of experience in their field which means that they will have dealt with plenty of trials, bail applications, contested hearings, pleas, and more. Furthermore, they will have dealt with almost every scenario that could possibly arise. This means that they are the most equipped person to educate their clients on every possible outcome. It also means that they will have dealt with a wide variety of offenses such as drink driving offences, speeding, drug offenses, domestic violence offenses, and much more. An easy way to see what kind of experience an attorney has is by simply calling the firm and asking or arranging to meet with them in person. It is also sometimes possible to find out this information online.


Find someone who is passionate

When it comes to finding the best criminal lawyer in Sydney, it is wise to find someone who is passionate. Not only will they be passionate about the case at hand, but they will be passionate about the sanctity of their jobs. This means that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their client will receive a fair go. It further means that they will be diligent, professional, responsible, direct, and reliable. They will do everything in a timely manner and will not drag out matters to try and get more money from their clients. Most importantly, they will elicit trust in their clients to ensure that they are feeling as safe as they possibly can throughout an already stressful time. Again, a great way to discovering if someone is passionate or not is by having a chat with them over the phone or organising an initial consultation. Previous client feedback can be read, and their websites can be visited. As it can be seen, it is absolutely vital to find the best criminal lawyer in Sydney when facing a charge. This is the best way to avoid an overly harsh sentence that can have life-long consequences.