When do you need criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD?

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD will always be there to help you when you need it. However, one of the big questions that are asked by many people is when they actually need a criminal lawyer in Melbourne CBD. There is often a fine line between the offences that require a solicitor and those that don’t.

It may surprise you some of the offences that it is advised you seek legal advice for but ultimately it is all about putting you in the best position to receive a fair punishment or fine in the wake of committing an offence. Below are the instances where it is advised that you seek a criminal lawyer in Melbourne CBD.

Drink and drug driving offences

This obviously depends on the severity of the offence but for the majority of offences it is going to be extremely beneficial to have a legal professional advising you on your next steps and how to get the best from a bad situation.

For anything above a low range drink driving offence, there is the premise for immediate loss of licence. For many people, their drivers licence is crucial for their ability to either get to work or actually complete their work tasks. Have a criminal lawyer in Melbourne CBD will be able to help you to potentially receive a working driver’s licence that allows you to drive whilst on the job.

In more serious cases involving jail time, it is essential that you have a solicitor with you to work through the best possible scenarios.

Assault offences

The charges for assault vary significantly depending on the seriousness and the intent.  Some offences do carry a minimum jail sentence but others do not. Have criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD will enable you to get the fairest result. In many cases a weaker sentence can be handed down if your solicitor convinces the judge to consider your age, circumstances and your ole in the assault.

Drug offences

Any drug offences will mean that you certainly need criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD. Regardless of the level of the drug charge, all offences are serious and will lead to a court appearance. This is where having criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD with you will help to provide the evidence and present a reasonable case as to your involvement, the true seriousness of the offence and potential avenues of rehab or community service.

Sex Offences

These are arguably the most serious offences that anyone can commit. As soon as you are charged with a sexual offence, regardless of your innocence, it is strongly advised that you get in contact with criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD. The early stages of any case are some of the most important and having a professional legal representative by your side could make a big difference. Sex-related charges can be extremely damaging to have on your record so it is vital that you get in contact with criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD as soon as you know about the charges being laid.

Ultimately, whenever you have a run in with the law it is advised that you seek professional legal advice. This ensures that you are on the front foot and can act accordingly to the charges. Any criminal charge is going to reflect poorly on you and future opportunities so by getting a solicitor you may be able to eliminate this and receive a lesser punishment or none at all. Legal professionals are there to help you and it is only your fault if you fail to utilise them. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with criminal lawyers in Melbourne CBD when you next need them.