Why You Should Wear Thong Swimsuit Bottoms To The Beach This Summer

Woman in a swimsuit while drinking water

Thong swimsuit bottoms – even the name can strike fear into the hearts of women, or empowerment. This form of beachwear has taken the world by storm, with many embracing them with open arms, and many terrified of them. Social media influencers and celebrities were some of the first to show them off to the world (or their millions of followers), and thus the thong swimsuit bottoms trend was born. Showing off a raunchy amount of body and skin, while looking incredible is definitely some people’s idea of a good time at the beach. Some people like to be stared at as they walk, however some people wouldn’t dare to wear thong swimsuit bottoms. You are sure to catch some eyes and stares while you soak up the sun wearing these.

With attitudes towards sexuality and women changing with every year, the thong swimsuit bottoms were sure to have become a trend, and now that they are, you should definitely get on the bandwagon for numerous reasons.

Here are some reasons why you should wear thong swimsuit bottoms to the beach this summer.

You can really get a nice rounded tan

By wearing thong swimsuit bottoms, you really are exposing most of your skin.

This means you are sure to get a nice rounded tan across your entire body, rather than having those pesky white tan lines. For many people, going to the beach means getting their tan on and soaking up the sun rays for that caramel body. However, traditional bikinis often mean that while you may tan, it can be difficult to tan without leaving white marks everywhere which can look odd.

The thong swimsuit bottoms ensures that barely anything is covered, and thereby it is perfect for tanning. Even if you do not want to wear it in public, wearing them at home when you are tanning by the pool is perfect simply for the functionality of them.

They are empowering

With recent years, progressiveness and the rise of feminism has meant that attitudes towards sexuality and women have changed significantly, and this has resulted in more raunchy looking clothing such as the thong swimsuit bottoms. While sexuality has always been a taboo subject in the past, it is now in the open and accepted, meaning that women are free to do what they want with their bodies. This is absolutely an empowering subject, and there is something empowering about wearing thong swimsuit bottoms and not caring who sees and says what. By wearing them, you are becoming a symbol for others to not care about what people say to you or how they look at you.

Empowerment is a beautiful thing, and it should be embraced by everybody.

They look incredible

Sexy woman showing off her thong swimsuit bottoms

Okay, let’s be honest. This is one of the main reasons that people buy thong swimsuit bottoms. They barely cover anything, they are designed very well and they look incredible. You will definitely catch some stares as you walk around in it, as it looks very sexy and is a beautifully designed piece of beachwear. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just plain wrong. There is a media that social media influencers and celebrities are all hopping on the trend, and it is because it looks great and always will.

In summary, thong swimsuit bottoms provide many benefits, such as being able to achieve a well-rounded tan, empowering the wearer and the women who see them wearing it as well as making them look incredible and sexy.
You can’t go wrong with them, and you should definitely consider giving them a try this summer.